A seamless way to pay.

Pay or send bills on a single platform, using a multitude of payment methods.

bill it.

Send bills via our payment platform, and guarantee security and speedy recon
with every transaction.


pay it.

Pay bills via our network, and access an array of in-person and online
payment methods.

What is Pay@?

Reliable and secure with every transaction.

Our platform enables Businesses of all sizes to accept payments in ways that are specific to their client's needs.

We aim to make it easy for Consumers to make payments, whilst ensuring efficient collections for you.

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Why Pay@?

Our extended payment footprint.

Since 2007, we've been working hard to make bill paying in South Africa more convenient online and offline.

We believe that safety and security are concepts until they are integrated into everyday living, a goal which we are hellbent on achieving. Today, over 11 000 retailers and 237 000 informal traders in South Africa use our payment solution.

  • 237k+ Informal
  • 11k+ Retailer points
    for payment

Largest number of payment methods.

Payment Methods

Extensive retail footprint.

Retail Footprint