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Pay@ Methods Of Payment

The consumer receives a sms or email containing the Pay@ references number and directed to pay at a retailer. The Pay@ number is presented at the cashier, the number is then typed into the till and payment is made with cash or card.

Digital and mobile payment processing methods include SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Email, Pay Now Buttons.

Mobile payments can include a QR Code, barcode, Scan to Pay inside Bank App or other Mobile Payment Apps.

Billing via SMS


Billing via Email/Paper statement

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Pay@ payment platform

Part of Pay@’s services is to provide a real-time payment confirmation to bill issuers and the paying client. This functionality has been extended to banks whereby Pay@ facilitates a real-time notification to a bill issuer when a payment is made within a banking channel.

Realtime Notifications

For example: when a DStv payment is made by a Capitec Bank customer to the DStv beneficiary, the customer’s DStv account is updated instantly. We manage the daily reconciliations for this service between the bank and Pay@ and Pay@ and the biller.

The client scans the Pay@ QR code with a generic QR reader.

The Pay@ payment methods are then displayed with the bill details.

Generic QR

Scan via generic QR Reader

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Follow the link to payment portal

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Select payment method

Specific mobile payment processing apps can be used to facilitate a payment transaction e.g. Masterpass, Zapper or Snapscan.

In this example Snapscan is used to pay the bill.

App Payments

Step 1

Customers can scan the Pay@ QR code with SnapScan

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Step 2

Billing details are automatically populated in the SnapScan app

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Step 3

On payment the client views their payment receipt within the app

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a protocol used by GSM cellphones to communicate with their service provider’s computers via SMS messages.

To access the service, *120*395# can be dialled on the Vodacom & MTN network. You can add a bank card (debit, credit or cheque) of any big bank except FNB & Investec. Customers receives an SMS proof of payment after a successful transaction.

Access the USSD code

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Choose to pay now

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Follow the steps provided

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Continue to enter card details

With Yap you can issue invoices on the fly AND send them directly to your clients with a pay button or a QR code for payment. So your clients can pay you on the spot!

Yap is the best online payment processor for small business (such as certain plumbers, electricians, craftsmen, etc) that have little or no formal back-end accounting systems as well as businesses (large and small) that have formal back-end (such as ERP accounting) systems.