Benefits for the merchant

Pay@ has considerable knowledge and experience in securely handling large volumes of transactions on a daily basis. The entire transactional process is administered by Pay@, including:

  • Bill presentment with an unique reference number for each transaction
  • Real-time validation of reference numbers
  • Payment business rules
  • Payment receipts
  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation and settlement

Bulk settlement of the aggregate transaction amounts collected across payment networks takes place from Pay@ to the Bill Issuer within two days of the transaction being processed.

At the end of each day, the information received from the various payment networks is reconciled and a file is prepared for the Bill Issuer, delivered before 08h00 on the following business day. Our unique system is currently the only service provider that has eliminated unallocated payments due to real-time validation.


Real-time validation of all transactions


Easy & accessible payment collection process


Single integration & no unallocated payments


Business rules applied for exact or partial payments


Extensive national footprint & great customer service


Highly efficient & low administrative costs

Benefits for the payer

The Pay@ platform is a convenient transaction channel for both banked and unbanked customers. The large footprint that Pay@ has established allows the payer to conveniently pay their bills at any of their retailers across South Africa.

Alternatively Pay@ provides the option for digital payments via mobile apps.

The payment process consists of these steps:

Step One

The merchant sends unique Pay@ reference number to the customer


Step Two

The customer can click on the SMS link or presents their ref number to the cashier at one of the Pay@ points


Step Three

Transaction details are validated by the Pay@ system


Step Four

The payment is made, a receipt is issued to the customer, and a payment confirmation is sent to the merchant